Resort with golf.

Business Hotel with Center of Conventions, Center of Exposições and Mega Shows.

Integrated ecological Spa Hotel in the nature, the harmony between the beautiful constructions, gardens, lakes and much peace.

Diurne and nocturnal entertainment.

Leisure , golf, sports, swimming pools, strolls the horse.

Spectacles of waters, light and musicas in some environments.




The Leisure, the Nature, the Beauty and the Peace.

Everything was born of a dream of Love. Love for the architecture and the Love for the beautiful, simple and delicate things.

The Europark is a tourist complex in which exists a perfect marriage enters the style of the constructions and the implantation of the same ones in way to the great green areas, with native forests and flowers, inspired by the great decorative gardens them old European palaces.

It has as main points to the architecture of the constructions and the nature, a paradise where it is offered since field of golf, Resort, space for shows, aquatic park, spectacle of "sound et lumière", Ecological Hotel Spa to the Business Center with Center of Conventions, Center of Exposições and Mega Shows. The Europark is thus, a complete enterprise directed toward the future where the diverse necessities of the man contemporary will be taken care of in familiar environment, over all of entertainment and the leisure that are the great demand of the current society, and at the same time an activity with great financial return.

The raised characteristic temperatures of the State of the walked Ceará are not impediment for a long one and enjoy of all the areas of the enterprise, therefore all the displacements will be given in "passarelas" shaded in way the mirrors d'água, lakes and cascades consisting in an oasis to the doors of Fortaleza where the man can meet with the nature and obtain proper.

All the constructions are in armed concrete apparent architectural, having in all the low elements and high relives, with some drawings and frames curves, straight lines, horizontal lines and vertical lines as in the palaces of the past.

Implanted in an area of 25 hectares in the initial phase, but planned to pass the 80 hectares in a first phase and 150 hectares in one second phase.

In the page Installations it sees:

EXPOSITIONS and Mega SHOWS for 30 000 people;

CENTER OF CONVENTIONS for 3000 people;

RESTAURANTS, BOATE, Store, Bars, Some Environments;

SHOWS, cultural activities, parades, small small expositions and shows;


HOTEL all the rooms with sight and direct access swimming pools and gardens;