The presented photos are real and give to an idea of the enterprise beauty. After the     conclusion of the workmanship the beauty will become still bigger.


Conventions Center and decorative gardens

General sight of the Hotel (without details architectural). .

Decorative gardens.

Decorative gardens and galleries.

Lake and galleries.

Decorative lake, gardens, galleries, tower.

Decorative lake and gardens

Restaurant of luxury, lake, swimming pool, galleries

Restaurant/boate, panoramic terrace, decorative lake.

Show Hall , decorative lake, gallery.


General sight, lakes, galleries, center of expositions, hotel.

General sight

General sight, galleries, hall of show and exposition. .

Partial sight hall of show, water swimming pool, mirror, panoramic terrace, restaurant and boate

Partial sight water swimming pool, mirror, gallery, restaurant and boate

Show Hall, swimming pool and galleries.

Partial sight hall of show and swimming pool and water mirror