The localization of the enterprise, four points had been basic:

1) the climate

The country chosen were Brazil, great power in the world in a very next future, with many natural wealth, far of the wars, the conflicts, of volcanos, land tremors, tidal waves, storms and cyclones.

2) The international localization

Inside of Brazil it was opted to the State of the Ceará, in the Brazilian Northeast, known for being summer the entire year, for its hot climate with temperature of air with measured of 27 °, for the temperature of the water of the sea with in general measured of 26° and linking with flights right-handers, shorter for the Europe and the world.

3) The national localization of the city

The Ceará is blessed by its climate and each time more looked by the national and international tourists. The city was chosen by its administrative importance, geographic and accesses.

Capital Fortaleza of the State of the Ceará, about 3° to the South the line the Equator, with International Airport and national and international aerial linkings.

4) The place

Itaitinga, City of the Region Metropolitan of Fortaleza was chosen by its natural wealth and easiness of accesses. It possesss great green areas, water reservoirs for supplying of the city and all the region Metropolitan.

The enterprise is located in BR 116, km 17, in the dividing line of the Cities of Fortaleza, Itaitinga and Eusébio.